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Who We Are

Green Riders is a proudly South African, turnkey, green e-mobility solution dedicated to creating a significant social and environmental impact.


Our mission is two-fold:

  1. Create 50 000 jobs in the last-mile delivery industry over the next five years.

    Our strategy is to recruit unemployed, underprivileged youths (both men and women) and train them, in the areas in which they live, to become professional delivery riders and place them in secure positions with our aggregator partners. Our partners are keen to revolutionize the industry from one which is 95% dominated by foreigners to one in which South Africans can make a remarkable impact. With the Green Riders Academy to train and support our youths, we have the unwavering commitment and strategic roadmap to turn this vision into an extraordinary reality.

  2. Convert the last-mile delivery industry from costly ICE motorbikes to eco-friendly and cost-effective e-bikes and e-motorbikes.

    E-bikes and e-motorbikes are significantly cheaper to operate, saving delivery riders thousands of Rands a year and, at scale, this will make a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions in the last-mile delivery sector. This will also foster a greener economy by eliminating the carbon footprint associated with delivery vehicles.
JUNE 2024


Green Riders, based in Table View, Cape Town, has made remarkable strides in the last-mile delivery industry, with hundreds of professionally-trained delivery riders and training centres in Dunoon, Langa, Richwood, Athlone and North Pine.

Whilst we are a young company, we have already made a significant impact. With our team of highly-skilled training facilitators and coordinators in the Green Riders Training Academy, we are on track to double our rider base by the end of 2023.


Total green deliveries by our riders to date


Total jobs created in the Green Riders ecosystem to date


Total number of green kilometres ridden by our riders to date



Each trainee in the Green Riders Academy receives a top-of-the-line Mach 2 Cargo E-Bike, designed and imported by Green Riders. These robust bikes are built for the harsh African terrain, with a 100kg cargo capacity. Each e-bike is fitted with a sophisticated, state-of-the-art battery management system (BMS) which is linked to two large, custom-made battery packs which have been developed specifically for longer deliveries, with over 100km range on a single charge.

We also prioritize rider safety and support through advanced IoT tracking devices installed on our e-bikes and batteries. These devices constantly monitor data through our Green Riders dashboard, ensuring 24/7 surveillance.



As additional income earning opportunities offered by Green Riders, riders seeking further growth can earn additional money with added advertising incentives. Green Riders recently concluded a 12-month advertising deal with Pick n Pay to support hundreds of riders to earn additional passive income, as part of a pilot programme, after a test programme with Vodacom.

Green Riders has completed a custom-designed, locally-made e-bike delivery box, which boasts a sleeker, stronger and more ergonomic design. As future development, we are working on a specialized delivery box, in partnership with Adreach, which specifically targets the advertising market. This delivery box will have higher sides to accommodate A2-sized advertisements, which are more effective and compete with street pole advertising, a curved side for prolonged viewing time for added impact.

As a forward-thinking corporate, you can now maximize your brand’s reach by advertising on our riders’ delivery boxes. Join esteemed partners like Pick n Pay and other leading companies to benefit from extensive exposure, spanning millions of kilometres and captivating your custom-targeted audience. Simultaneously, your partnership empowers countless Green Riders to achieve greater financial growth. Elevate your brand visibility and social responsibility by partnering with us for a brighter, mutually rewarding future.

For unrivalled brand exposure with Green Riders, please contact for more information.

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